• AIS130
    AIS130 Computer Applications & Communications in Accounting Project

    Keywords: AIS130 Computer Applications & Communications in Accounting Project
  • AIS280
    AIS280 Computerised Accounting

  • AUD390
    AUD390 Auditing

  • BEL120
    BEL 120

    Keywords: BEL 120
  • BEL260
    BEL260 Preparatory Course for MUET

    Keywords: BEL260 Preparatory Course for MUET
  • BEL311
    BEL311 English for Academic Purposes

  • BEL312
    BEL312 English for Occupational Purposes

  • BEL313
    BEL313 Introduction to Critical Thinking

  • CTU101
    CTU101 Prinsip-Prinsip Asas Islam

    Keywords: CTU101 Prinsip-Prinsip Asas Islam
  • CTU151
    CTU151 Pemikiran dan Tamadun Islam

    Keywords: CTU151 Pemikiran dan Tamadun Islam
  • CTU231
    CTU231 Pemikiran dan Tamadun Islam

  • ECO211
    ECO211 Principle of Macro Economics

  • ENT300
    ENT300 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

  • FAR150
    FAR150 Financial Accounting 2

    Keywords: FAR150 Financial Accounting 2
  • FAR200
    FAR200 Financial Accounting 3

    Keywords: FAR200 Financial Accounting 3
  • FAR250
    FAR250 Financial Accounting 4

  • FAR300
    FAR300 Financial Accounting 5

  • FAR360
    FAR360 Integrated accounting Study

  • General
  • HBU111
    HBU111 Kesatria Negara I

    Keywords: HBU111 Kesatria Negara I
  • HBU121
    HBU121 Kesatria Negara II

    Keywords: HBU121 Kesatria Negara II
  • HBU131
    HBU131 Kesatria Negara III

  • LAW240
    LAW240 Introduction to Commercial Law

  • LAW346
    LAW346 Introduction to Partnership & Company Law

  • MAF220
    MAF220 Cost Accounting I

  • MAF280
    MAF280 Costing System and Planning

  • MAF320
    MAF320 Information for Managing Resources

  • MAF330
    MAF330 Financial Management

  • MAT112
    MAT112 Business Mathematics

    Keywords: MAT112 Business Mathematics
  • MGT153
    MGT153 Introduction to Business

  • MGT215
    MGT215 Principles of Management

  • MKT243
    MKT243 Principles of Marketing

  • QMT181
    QMT181 Introduction to Statistics

    Keywords: QMT181 Introduction to Statistics
  • TAX320
    TAX320 Taxation 1

  • TAX370
    TAX370 Taxation 2


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